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Designing your web site

You will want to crop and resize your images so they're the right size for your site


Fireworks is an excellent image editing software package. It's specifically designed for web graphics.

The following three links will take you to a very good tutorial that will explain the basics of Fireworks.

Cropping Cut out the area of an image that you want.

Resizing Shrink the file so it won't take forever to load.

Exporting Save the image in a web-friendly format.


Freeware Image Editing

PhotoPlus is top rated by PC Magazine



These are three freeware image editing software packages that are free for the download.


On-line Image Editing

Yes, you can edit images through a web site.

See a review of 20 online image editors


http://www.splashup.com/ is a good one.


What's the difference between jpg and gif?

is a gif file. It usually has only a few colors, like most logos or clipart. is a jpg file. It is usually a photograph and has lots of colors.






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