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Japan's Changing Dental Industry


The face of the dental industry is changing in Japan becoming more transparent and service oriented. OMORI Inc. is one company that has stepped to the challenge to assist in transforming the lagging management side of these dental offices through a franchise. The company's aim is to separate management and the technical side of the practice allowing OMORI to take charge in aspects such as training non-technical workers and implementing services and means that will attract repeating customers. Examples include placing a restaurant menu like chart in the front desk that clearly lists the prices and treatment details, a point card system where customers receive 1 point for every 10 yen spent and dental products in exchange for accumulated points, and also having even the practitioners go out into the streets to pass out flyers for the clinic. There are also other clinics that are competing with their 24 hour 3! 54 day services.

Featured Site - Sunstar Engineering, Inc.

Sunstar Engineering, Inc.

Sunstar Engineering, Inc. develops and sells repairable stress reducing underfills of various grades, specializing in Ep silicone and Reworkable underfills. Ep silicone underfill relieves stress from thermal and also mechanical shocks, is hard to crack, absorbs flux residue, and lowers CTE working to relieve stress on a PCB in the process of curing. Reworkable underfill has a low temperature snap cure, excellent reworkability, electrical insulation, storage stability at 5-10c, endurance for mechanical stress, and allows for the use of various thermal treatment systems.

For more information, please refer to their website or send an inquiry.

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Eco-Business in Japan - More Than Cool Biz


When it comes to eco-friendly business activities in Japan, there is much more than the Cool Biz campaign. LOHAS, meaning Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability is the new catch phrase for many interested in providing goods and services to consumers who value health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. This may range from organic foods, nutritional products, energy-efficient appliances, alternative healthcare, etc. Currently, one of the most visible mainstream spokespersons in this movement is the artist, Sakamoto Ryuichi including his activities with two others in the music industry running a nonprofit bank investing mainly in environment and natural energy related projects. There are others, including large companies such as Toyota that are following this movement towards environmental consciousness with Toyota Rent-A-Car's present campaign promoting customers to rent the Prius hybrid car.

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