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Credit Card Gateway

The online equivalent of the credit card swipe machine.

Once you have a merchant account, you will need the services of a gateway. PayPal is an exception. PayPal bundles merchant account and gateway services together.

Not all merchant accounts work with all gateways. A question you must ask a prospective merchant account company is what gateways they support.


No monthly fees!



Relatively inexpensive. Worth checking out.


Cyber Cash





The above two links take you to two of the biggest credit card processing companies.  Browse these two sites and you will know more than most about the credit card end of e-commerce.

I strongly urge you to contact each of the companies below and get very detailed information on ALL the fees involved. If you find one of the companies listed below significantly better or worse than the others, I encourage you to post your findings on this course's bulletin board. I continue to drop companies if they receive bad ratings from students. I add companies from time to time based on recommendations.

Authorize.net: Reseller
John Waldron

Payment Resources International
ATTN: Jesse Gonzales
620 Newport Center Drive, Suite 150
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone number: (949) 729-1400
Fax number: 949 655-4141

ECHO Inc.*

Echo - Gregory Cooper 800-233-0406 Ext: 3104 email

(referred by Ty Nunez of www.zoovy.com)

* Also referred by httpme and Hood River WaterPlay


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