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Internet Marketing

A web-site is no more than a marketing tool.  If you don't incorporate it in everything you do, you're missing opportunities.  All too many web-sites are like a brochure that never gets distributed.  A successful web-site is integrated into every aspect of the company. 

For example:

  • Signage on your car/van.
  • Web-site address appears on EVERY piece of paper you print.  (Business Cards, Letters, Brochures, Signs, and so on.)
  • Web-site address appears in EVERY other marketing medium.  (Print Ads, Electronic Media, Outdoor Media, and so on.)
  • All your products should have your web-site address on them.  (Sticker, Engraved, Embossed, whatever.)
  • Every press release should direct people to your web-site.
  • Your outgoing message on you answering machine should direct people to your web-site.
  • The list is nearly endless.

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