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The Power of Community

Building a "community" was a hot concept years ago, but is now largely considered passe. There are some web sites that do succeed in building a loyal community, and this is an incredible asset. Most communities are bulletin board based, (forum) meaning customers can post questions/comments on a bulletin board and other customers can respond. This provides the opportunity for sharing information and ensures that the company hosting this bulletin board provides top notch quality. If they don't all their customers are in contact with one another, so slipping up isn't an option.

Yahoo Groups is a free email group service that allows you to easily create and join email groups. Email groups offer a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas

Just a few ideas for using Yahoo Groups:

• Get in touch with friends
• Plan a family reunion
• Send your business newsletter
• Coordinate meetings, events and more!

Topica is a free Internet service that allows you to easily find, manage and participate in email lists. Topica makes email lists accessible and easy to use for anyone, from the most expert list owner to the newest list subscriber.

Some of the most useful information on the Internet can be found inside email lists, which have been thriving for years. But up until now, lists haven't been easily accessible for the average Internet user. Topica's service helps you easily find people, discussions and information on virtually any topic, from competitive giant pumpkin growers and Ally McBeal lovers, to Java software groups and industry insider newsletters.

Topica combines powerful, easy-to-use tools for participating and managing your lists and subscriptions with the most comprehensive list directory to find existing lists and promote your own.

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