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Opt-in E-mail Marketing


Opt-in e-mail means sending e-mail to people who have agreed to receive e-mail from you or have agreed to receive a certain type of e-mail. If you e-mail to your "house list," this is the most cost effective form of marketing you will ever do. You could consider your newsletter opt-in e-mail marketing.


Click here to e-mail me, and I'll put you on my house list.

What about Spam? Do it only if you want to piss people off.

Excellent Example of Opt-in E-mail

Tell me why?



Constant Contact®, Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing™ helps small and mid-sized businesses and associations develop an ongoing relationship with their customers and site visitors. Constant Contact makes it easy and affordable to build and manage permission email lists, create and send eye-catching HTML email newsletters, announcements and promotions, and track email campaign results.

  • Builds and manages permission email lists of all sizes
  • Over 60 customizable HTML email templates (or start from scratch)
  • Measures email campaign results instantly
  • 100% web-based and no technical skill required
  • FREE phone and email support
  • Affordable monthly pricing
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Need to send the same message to say an X,000 recipient news letter list? Fancy working that prospect list? or would you rather send a highly targeted personalized unique message to each of your customers? or would you like to do all those things and more?

Group Mail allows you to send highly customized messages - including personalized message bodies - mail merge, personalized subject lines, and unique attachments (yes, each recipient in your group can receive their very own unique attachment - up to 4 of them in fact) - this is ideal for when you need to send custom reports to a client list for example.

You can send HTML messages also and apply the very same customizations to them. Any local images used in the HTML message will also be included so that your recipients will get the entire message - no more red x's!

Targeting? You got it. Each product allows you to build a filter list which you can use to determine who gets what. Filters can be applied to any field of information (or even part of a field) you have stored for your recipients. You can also use as many filters as you like - and use them together to allow even more powerful and precise targeting.

Subscription management? no problem. With the help of some plug-ins you can easily handle Subscriptions, Removes, Bounces and keep your groups workable and clean.

Group Mail has received multiple awards, including ZDNet's Editor's Pick and the Microsoft/WUGNET 'Pick of the Week'.
The reason is simple: Group Mail is easy to use and packs more power and features than the competition.

Spammers beware. Opt-in E-mail marketing companies are gaining serious respectibility.

The Power of Permission Email
Permission email: a definition.

Permission email is a medium that facilitates interaction between organizations and consumers or businesses which have given their permission to receive promotional messages and other information targeted to their interests.

Why permission email marketing is successful and unsolicited email is not.

Unsolicited bulk email, commonly known as spam, is unwanted and typically sent to large numbers of recipients. Companies use bulk email programs as a means to generate business. Unfortunately, when such unrequested email is received, it is often perceived by the recipient as obtrusive and an infringement on their right to privacy -- and is generally ignored and deleted.

Permission email marketing safeguards the consumer’s rights by requiring that they confirm their interest in receiving email before they are sent any messages. They must intentionally agree to receive communication by signing up, usually referred to as "opting-in." Additionally, the consumer may unsubscribe from the communication at any time and all email messages are clearly identified as coming from the approved sender.

Advantages of permission email over traditional forms of direct marketing:

Delivers Receptive Audiences
Your offer reaches an audience that has already expressed an interest in the topic of your message.

Low Cost
Compared to other forms of direct marketing, email marketing is significantly less expensive.

Fast and Efficient
Traditional direct marketing programs, such as direct mail, can take months to create and implement. Then, you wait another few months to analyze the results in order to determine success. Permission email marketing campaigns can be executed in days with results trackable in real-time -- giving you immediate feedback while your campaign is in progress.

Easy to Test, Track and Evaluate
Email is an ideal testing medium, offering a range of trackable events. Email enables marketers to test different list sources, combinations of interest categories, various creative approaches, and even elements of timing.

High Response
Typically, permission email campaigns result in better response rates than traditional direct marketing or other types of online advertising.

Iterative Learning
The powerful combination of extensive tracking, real-time analysis of results, and flexible testing allows you to gain insight into your email marketing campaigns very quickly. With permission email marketing you can rapidly test and refine your campaigns to identify the best marketing mix of audience, offer and creative.
Permission email has been identified as the next generation of Internet marketing. Enjoying significant click-through rates over banner ads and other forms of online marketing, it has experienced phenomenal industry growth and has led Jupiter Communications to predict that commercial email marketing will become a $7.3 billion business by 2005. Forrester Research reports email use accounts for over 35% of all time spent on the Internet and estimates that 50% of consumers will be communicating via email by 2001. Clearly, permission email has emerged as one of the most powerful Internet marketing mediums ever.


Yesmail is the most widely known of the opt-in e-mail companies. They charge 25¢ per name. They also have a remarketing program where you can retry people at a reduced rate.

Despite the spamming specter, businesses of all sizes are putting e-mail to work. Del Laboratories, the maker of the Sally Hansen line of cosmetics, rented 15,000 names from YesMail and offered a free calendar application, plus a chance to win prizes. Del Laboratories Site Coordinator Melissa Cetero tells ICONOCAST that the e-mail campaign boosted visits to the Sally Hansen site "significantly." While a 4% clickthrough rate "is about the best you can get with a banner campaign," Cetero says, "you can get 10% with an e-mail campaign."Jupiter predicts that the commercial e-mail market will soar to $7.3 billion by 2005. In the process, it will cannibalize 13% of traditional direct-mail revenues. That must have been behind the thinking at DoubleClick, which this week said it would acquire NetCreations for $191 million. NetCreations CEO Rosalind Resnick tells ICONOCAST that "by joining [forces], we'll have the largest opt-in e-mail list in the business [22 million names]." Notes Resnick, "I've been a strong advocate for e-mail privacy, and I see this move as a victory for double opt-in." Resnick is not alone. Sixteen top e-mail service bureaus joined to create the Responsible Electronic Communication Alliance (RECA) to promote professional online marketing standards.

For more e-mail trends and a gallery of contemporary e-mail promotions, please visit our new resource, Dotcom Marketing  http://www.iconocast.com/dotcom/marketing/email_p2.html

NetCreations pioneered opt-in email marketing in 1996 and remains the market leader. We guarantee that every name on our lists belongs to an Internet user who has come to our network of more than 350 partner sites and signed up to receive commercial email messages about topics of interest. Our unique double opt-in system ensures that no Internet user will ever be signed up without his knowledge or consent.

Why PostMasterDirect.com? Because we have the largest network of high-quality, targeted opt-in email addresses on the Internet - more than 3,000 topical lists and 15 million names to choose from! Our partner sites include Cnet, Uproar, ICQ, Internet.com, CBS Sportsline, About.com, CMPnet, Entrepreneur Magazine and hundreds more! With a minimum order of $1,000, you can rent our 100% opt-in email lists -- and we'll mail out your message for free! Our lists cost 10 to 30 cents a name ($100 to $300 CPM), including list rental, email delivery and merge/purge.

The bottom line: Marketers that have used PostMasterDirect.com have generated response rates as high as 5 to 15 percent and sales as great as $50,000 in a single day. That's why our pioneering service has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, DM News, Advertising Age and other leading publications.

Competitive pricing - Pricing for standard mailings ranges from $250 - $350 CPM (25 to 35 cents per piece), depending on volume. No other program can offer our power, flexibility, and database size at this price.

  • Inexpensive to produce, large cost savings
  • Fast cycle times—days to produce and execute rather than weeks
  • Phenomenal response rates—5% to 18% is typical
  • Response cycles measured in hours
  • Response and ROI can be quickly and accurately measured
  • Easy to target, track and measure
  • Complements response of "offline" efforts
  • All information is captured in CRM database and used to improve subsequent efforts

100% of our members, the folks receiving your email message, have responded to our advertising and voluntarily registered to receive email offers relevant to their self-selected interests from their choice of over 100 hot topics.

Every email message includes our header with easy unsubscribe instructions. This guarantees that your email message reaches only responsive, interested prospects.

Professional distribution of your email message by BulletMail is included with your order. To preserve our members' privacy, we don't release our email lists.

These commercial e-mail lists are compiled on a voluntary or opt-in basis. The list owner states that the list is built on a subscription basis, so that the recipients of your e-mail message are willing to receive commercial e-mail advertising.

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