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Banner Advertising

Business 2.0 article on ad formats and their effectiveness


Source: Engage.com

The general concensus is that untargeted banner adverting is not cost effective. Keywork targeted banner advertising can be cost effective, though.

Source: Engage.com

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Engage, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENGA) provides marketers with best-of-class media, analysis and technology solutions. Based in Andover, Massachusetts, with European headquarters in London and offices worldwide, Engage is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc. Engage's mission is to understand the challenges marketers face, and develop media, analysis and technology solutions that are uniquely capable of providing them with superior results. Our history speaks for itself:

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  • Engage is the recognized leader in audience profiling technology and offers leading technology solutions for ad management, targeting and delivery

  • Engage maintains the richest dynamic database of anonymous consumer profiles, Engage Knowledge, allowing marketers and publishers to serve consumers content that truly matches their interests, while respecting their rights to privacy.

These pop-under ads are highly visible, and get lots of click-through. But this is only good if your goal is to piss people off.

For the most part, they are very annoying. Especially deceptive pop-under ads like this one.

The following are banner sharing programs.




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