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Pay-Per-Click Programs

There is a shortcut to getting traffic to your website. It's not free, but it's definitely worth trying. By signing up with two pay-per-click programs, you can buy visibility with the top six search engines that account for 80-90% of all search activity. You can be featured as a "sponsor" on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Alta Vista, & Lycos.

You can pick the maximum you will pay when someone clicks to your site, and you can set a daily budget not to be exceeded. This is definitely worth trying out. You will also get invaluable information about what are the most popular relevant search phrases people use.

Here are some examples:

Search for... Using... And you'll find!!!
Hood River spa www.google.com Strawberry Mt. Salon
windsurfing lessons www.google.com Hood River WaterPlay
kiteboarding lessons www.yahoo.com Hood River WaterPlay
buns www.google.com Biniki
export to japan www.altavista.com J. Hammock & Associates


To get started,

visit www.google.com and click on "See your message here..."

Visit www.overture.com and click on "Sign up with Overture."

The following two links take you to replicas of the reports you get from Google and Overture:

Google Report

Overture Report



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