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Press Releases

The Basics

The benefit/cost ratio for sending out press releases is potentially so high, it's criminal not to do a PR campaign. And you can do it yourself. Use the press release samples below and buy a list from a media list vendor like Bacons, and you are your own PR firm in no time.

For example, www.gorgekids.com once got over a thousand dollars worth of exposure in a local paper. Hood River News: $8.50/col. inch x ((6 x 21.5) |129) = $1,096

The Specifics

Samples of Press Releases

click on PressReleaseWriting.com's logo to see a sample press release.


Buy Your Own Press List

Bacon’s Information provides industry-leading products and services to help PR professionals maximize their public relations and media relations campaigns.

We are probably best-known for providing the most accurate and up-to-date media information in the public/media relations field. Since originating the PR media directory nearly 50 years ago, Bacon’s Directories, and now our on-line media research software, have fast become the most-widely used and trusted sources of media research and contact information in the PR industry.


You can take the time to learn how to use the resources available to you on the Web to get your message out yourself, or you can use distribution services to help you like Internet News Bureau, Internet Wire, PR Web, and XpressPress. They will help you send your message to the appropriate media outlets. But remember, results and costs vary widely with these services, and sometimes small businesses in niche markets find that keeping their own media list is a more efficient use of time and money.

Source: http://www.bcentral.com/articles/workz/Attract/PR.asp


PR Web™ is the only newswire service on the Internet that provides free global news distribution.

Link to article with recommendations of services

Optimizing your press release


With our Distribute a News Release service, you can quickly communicate important news about your business to press and analysts throughout the world.

With this service, you can distribute your news release to over 22,000 media outlets in over 100 countries. Our partnership with PR Newswire ensures your release reaches the proper departments and editors. We have simplified the process for sending a news release, allowing you to submit your release in as little as 30 minutes. You can even request to have one of our professional writers review your release, or write a release for you.

Communicate your important news to the media today for as little as $90.


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